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Derrick Baznick

It's no secret that I'm fan of art. I love everything about creating something inspirational from nothing, using only experience and talent to share an emotion or point of view.

I'm not an artist myself but the appreciation is there, right next to the desire to share it with the world. But isn't my only attachment to the art world as I also sell art.

Right now I have one client and one client only and it's my Uncle.

His name is Derrick Baznick and he's been a steelworker his entire life while creating art with all of his spare time, but instead of selling it, he sat on it, self-conscious that no one would care.

It turns out he was flat wrong and his style is in demand.

When it comes to painting, his medium of choice is acrylic on panel, but really shines with his tile work.

He utilizes ceramic tile on wood in beautiful and complex patterns in a way I haven't seen before that has captured the attention of a few art collectors in the greater Toronto area.

If you like what you see and you live in the greater Toronto area, feel free to send me a message through the contact form on or contact me with Blog Hoarder's contact form, social media, or email at

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