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Hong Kong by Tom Green

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Tom's rhyming style and flow have changed over the years since the Organized Rhyme days, but this track is absolutely pivotal in his musical evolution.

The song smacks the modern world in its vulnerable ego, shattering any misunderstood preconceptions of how to influence a generation.

Hong Kong is a shot from a lyrical battleship punching holes in the hull of trending vanity.

The lyric "this is kind of serious, lookin' at my phone all day acting delirious. Just to feel those vibrations, actin' cracked out from cosmic radiation," pulses an eerie self-reflection into anyone with a social media account, and forces us all to reevaluate the importance of our online presence.

The beat is flawlessly arranged and tiptoes around the mainstream sound with a less is more approach that seamlessly compliments Green's style.

The song is about more than visiting Hong Kong, it is a message of opening your eyes to other cultures and experiencing life together in ways other than a like on Facebook or a retweet.

There is a cry for compassion and a demand for change within this song and it's up to you the listener to not just hear it, but act upon it.

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