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New World Disorder By Calling All Astronauts

Your data has long been sold and your anonymity has blown away in the polluted wind.

Revolt is in the air and it just found its anthem, "New World Disorder" by London England's Calling All Astronauts.

The song doesn't cater to the misconception that the individual can't make a difference, instead, it draws a line in the sand for you, forcing you to choose a side between apathy and action.

The lyrics "New world, new world disorder, killing fields, dystopian state, new world, new world disorder, a call to arms before it's all too late" emphasizes that time is running out for our species if we don't change our ways, while the lyrics "Time to stand together, a policy of truth, they're never gonna brainwash all, fountain of youth" act like a beacon shining its powerful light of truth through the fog of lies and deceit conjured up by those who profit from our decline into chaos.

"New World Disorder" is a wake-up call to all generations alive today being weighted down by vanity and consumerism while turning a blind eye to foreign affairs and the plights of others.

The new song by Calling All Astronauts is an introspective dive into the waters of societal reflection that drowns your apathy while washing off your tribal colours. "New World Disorder" stirs protest in the hearts of all and pounds the war drums of change.

It is a rallying cry for the concerned, proof that music can provide a guttural response strong enough to change your thinking, your behaviour, your life.

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