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5 Short Films On Youtube That You Should Watch

Here is a quick list of 5 great short films on Youtube that you should watch.

Each short is around ten minutes long and pushes their perspective genre into new ground.


A film by Jerónimo Rocha


Genre or Theme: Medieval Horror

This short film has no dialogue, instead, the majority of the tale is told with strikingly grotesque visuals of an imprisoned Witch attempting an escape.

In a bold film style, the climax is captured in an unconventional way where your auditory sense is used to guide you into the story's evil end.

There is a refreshing amount of less is more towards the end that pays off in a more meaningful way by utilizing the viewer's own imagination, which I think adds a personal element to the horror.

The Gunfighter

Director: Eric Kissack, Writer: Kevin Tenglin

Genre or Theme: Western Comedy

The Gunfighter is a short western comedy Narrated by Nick Offerman.

The fourth wall is broken from the start as the narration interferes with the characters and their actions.

The cowboys face off against not just themselves but the omnipotent voice revealing their thoughts for all to hear, especially the embarrassing ones.

This short western is a real "ballet of death."


Kane Pixels

Genre or Theme: Sci-fi

If you play video games you may have heard of the term "no clipping" which refers to a sort of glitch where a player navigates to a part of the level that is supposed to be inaccessible and not to be played.

The idea of the backrooms is a rumour that started on the internet that our world is a computer game-like simulation and that there are glitches in our reality that can be accessed.

If you end up inside the backrooms you have no choice but to navigate a maze of empty office building rooms of yellow wallpaper, buzzing florescent overhead lights and an unnerving eeriness of vast vacant spaces that are all out of place and not understood.

This idea is explored with a series of short films by Kane Pixels.


Written and Directed by: D W Smith

Genre or Theme: Action

Loyalty, ancient powers, and cutting-edge fight choreography merge in this action short where mercenaries and black market dealers square off over a bad deal.

Black Market Brawl is a greed-fueled power struggle in a ruthless environment and I want to see more.

An artifact that possesses a great power is the driving force for the conflict that reveals betrayal as well as a hunger for dominion over all.

Rubato / Le Renard et l'Oiselle

Directors - Fred and Sam Guillaume

Genre or Theme: CGI Adventure

A hungry fox chokes on his meal and meets a newborn bird in this very well-done animated short.

Destiny and design clash with friendship and survival inside a lush forest world with no people in sight

How does the unlikely relationship of a fox and bird fare against the storm of life?

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