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The Were Family Of Wolftown (a children's book unsuitable for children) By Daniel Hodgson Illustrated By Anthony Noble

An Excerpt from the were family of wolftown 

Then Father Were's boss, Mrs. Meanslut asks him to join her in her office.


Once alone Mrs. Meanslut tells Father Were to pull his pants down and show her his butt.


Uh oh!


"Let me touch that sweet fuzzy thing or you are fired," she orders. Father Were feels sad as he does what his boss says. Mrs. Meanslut squeezes Father Were's butt so hard he howls and then is sent back to work...

E book


Tales of Beauty and the Macabre

Short Story Collection Vol.1

By Daniel Hodgson

An Excerpt From the story Swipe Right

I listed my occupation as Mad Scientist on Tinder. It gets a good response.

It's not a joke. But if I put an add online, most likely insane Dr. Requires living bodies for experimental purposes, I wouldn't get a lot offers.

I never considered myself handsome. Handsome might also be a stretch but an ugly man wouldn't get so many women swiping right...

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