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Radiation by Filip Karol

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Filip Karol is pushing artistic boundaries once more with his new song "Radiation."

There is an empathetic cry in the lyrics that demand an exploration of what it is to live and how to treat others. How to find what is lost and what happens when we die.

The proper way to experience the song for the first time is by watching the video as the cinematic qualities take the song to the dream-like world it belongs.

A strange natural habitat that forces reflection and where curiosities both obscure and beautiful thrive.

I normally think of a music video as a separate entity from the song it spotlights but in the case of Karol's "Radiation," the video possesses a power that integrates itself into the overall experience of the song.

The first half of the video concentrates on humanity's struggles and survival while the second half examines existence itself.

There is a surreal darkness to the video that grips you ominously at the five-minute mark. The videography takes complete control with a beautifully unnerving ambience behind to aid the story being told.

The otherworldly video surrounds the song with an artistic expression of what reality may be and visions of a vast and chaotic universe.

There is a moving experience revealed from the combination of story and song that goes beyond the usual music video and into a realm of suspended curiosity.

Genres are intertwined like the strings of a dream catcher and filter the cosmic force that flows through everything.

The video consumes your intrigue while the song and its meaning, subjective to each of us, is the engine that drives the poetic machine forward through the unknown.

The lyrics to the song take a somber trip through a dark path, one travelled rarely in life but taken by each of us at some point.

They remind us that we won't live forever and to seize life, focus on passion and go on without fear.

Want to know more about Filip Karol? Check out my first article on him by clicking this text.

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