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Filip Karol

From the depths of the unknown comes an indie star.

There is a softness in Filip Karol’s music that gently caresses the soul while captivating the mind.

There is immediate intrigue that takes a hold and lingers until the last note fades out and becomes a beautiful memory destined to never be lost.

The devil is in the details and the intricacies of Karol’s two released songs from his debut album “Pink Cow” (still in development,) break out of the fold and shine bright.


In the song “No Why” the lyrics “Oh let me fly, away from you into the night, say goodbye and I will disappear like ashes on the wind” paint a vivid and unforgettable picture in the heart and mind of the listener, bringing forth examples from their own life when love has made them feel as vulnerable and temporarily fragile.

The poetic nature entwined in the songwriting is as valuable as it is impressive and keeps the audience engaged with their own interpretation of what the words mean to them.


“Rock in Blue” is the track that defines this artist as not just a competent and able musician, but one that can push the boundaries of a genre in an exciting way. His sound is new yet classic, bringing with it the astounding feeling of simpatico towards the messaging, like when you meet someone that you feel you’ve known your whole life.


There is a special aura surrounding Filip Karol that makes him stand out in the crowd and surely rise to greatness. I was able to get in Karol’s head with some questions recently to help discover just what to expect from his upcoming album.


Your music sounds very complete, like it was sculpted meticulously. Are you a perfectionist?


Music is a very delicate thing, tender, especially in the genre in which I sing. I just want everything to be as high-quality as possible, so if quality is perfectionism, yes, you can say that I'm a perfectionist. On the other side, it is impossible to bring the song to the ideal, sometimes I want to do sound better, add new things, change something, but I know from experience that at some moment you need to say “stop” and leave everything as it is, otherwise art will become endless.


Who is playing the instruments in your songs? Is it all you? If so, who plays with you during shows?


I never had a desire to create a musical band, simply because conflicts arise. Since each participant has his own idea for the song, his own vision of the song, there is a conflict of tastes and interests, everyone wants to contribute. That is why most great bands do not go beyond the first album, and if they do the art process turns into a headache. Therefore, I write all the music myself, and thanks to some tricks, I can make music as I want and have the opportunity to play instruments without resorting to the help of, say, a drummer.

As for live performances, at the moment I do it in acoustic format, only me and my sweet guitar. I don’t want to limit myself to just acoustic concerts, so when the time comes for big concerts, I will certainly have to hire session musicians who will play ready-made songs.


Do you have a favourite performance or venue?


No, but I would like to perform at the opera house.

Just imagine this concert, where everybody comes dressed in evening dresses and costumes, take their places and instead of the opera, a two-hour show, strange and scary, with live music. Music from the Pink Cow.


The music video for Rock in Blue is artistic and impressive, who created it?


Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked it. Now on my channel there are two videos, for the singles "No Why" and "Rock in Blue", but as you can see, each time the video gets better and I try to achieve the effect of a real movie. For me, music videos are not just a set of frames, they are whole stories with main and secondary characters. I like to do editing and colour correction. I get a lot of pleasure from it and am ready to spend all day, thinking about an idea and so on.

I can’t say that I completely created them, as other people take part in them, who help me to realize my ideas one way or another.


Do you write the songs yourself or do you collaborate with other artists?


Yes, I write songs and music by myself. This is a huge advantage for my debut album "Pink Cow", which I have been working on for a long time. It will be five years soon, and this makes the album unique. I can create it in the way I see it, the way I feel it.


You have two singles out and are working on your debut album yet your sound is already polished, how long have you been a musician?


To be honest, by the standards of professional musicians, I began to study music quite recently, already at a conscious age, and not in childhood, somewhere when I was 25 years old.

I needed the songs to sound melodic and harmonious. Therefore, I worked long and tedious to ensure that my voice sounded at least worthy.


Does your city influence your music?


The city does not influence my music in any way, but events taking place in the city can affect the music.


What kind of guitar do you play? Who taught you and when?


Oh, I bought my first and only guitar for 80 euros, in some strange little shop reminiscent of a flea market, but I think they sold stolen things there. I was so fascinated by her that I did not care about her past. The signature stamp is "Sherwood." Its absolutely black deck colour reminds me of the dark matter of the universe. She really sounds and looks great. I just had to learn how to play on this beauty! Therefore, thanks to the Internet, I learned a couple of significant chords.


When were you born? Where are you from and live now?


I was born on July 6 in 1990, and the second question I would like to answer with the phrase like, I was born somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Because the most important thing is not where I am from or where I am now, important is where my musical path will lead me.


The song writing stands out as something truly special, a kind of beacon that lights a flame in the hearts of all who truly hear the meanings within.

The subject matter covered in Karol’s writing is relatable, emotional and empathetic towards anyone who has ever had a broken heart on been helplessly in love.

There is a sort of solace submerged in the sounds of Filip Karol that I can’t wait to explore further and try to predict his art’s direction.

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