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Canadian Rock Music

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Until recently the only way for a Canadian band to make it big was to get noticed south of the border.

Whether it is Canada's growing population or growing confidence, Canadian bands are on the rise while still being relatively unknown to Americans. Seems impossible for bands from such a humble land would be able to survive and tour abroad without the USA as their launching point.

The Tragically Hip played Woodstock 99 and were somewhat accepted by the Americans. The States took to Rush a lot more, but there are still Hip fans south of Canada.

But what about the countless other Canadian rock bands today that are selling records without getting radio play in America. Everything points to the Canadian music industry relying less on American acceptance and becoming more independent.

Canada's place in the world is changing.

With ground breaking policies like legalizing cannabis and taking a firm stance on the environment ( in an age where simply believing in climate change is applauded,) Canada is getting a reputation as a real world leader.

Perhaps the new standing in the worlds ranking of respected countries has Canadian artists put in a brighter spotlight. Justin Bieber is the most famous Canadian musician, but it is Canada's rock scene that is exploding. Bands like July Talk, Wintersleep, Modest Mouse, Imaginary Cities, The Sam Roberts Band and more are touring around the world with a lack of recognition in America.

What will it take for another band like Rush to really break through to the Americans and penetrate the US music industry? Maybe it won't be one band, instead enough global interest may have the Americans interested in what is happening to their north.

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