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The Flower by E. Arthandsky

Standing in the middle of the road is a man dressed in modern fashion and wearing an alien mask.

There are groups of people standing on each side of the road, but the man in the alien mask is alone on the street holding something in hand.

Observing closely, one of the bystanders speaks and asks why the man in the mask is holding a flower.

"What am I holding?" The masked man standing in the street asks all.

"A flower, now tell us why?" Comes impatiently from the assembling crowd on one side.

On the other side, a woman with a dog asks the man in the alien mask to speak reasonably.

So he does.

"Some of you tell me that I am holding a blue flower, but I don't understand the dog's bark.

Can you speak for the dog?"

The woman with the dog answers quickly, "My pet only barks. I can tell you simply that you are holding a beautiful blue flower."

The street man asks, "do you have the invention to know what the dog sees?"

The woman thinks and then speaks, "my pet sees a grey flower."

The man on the street uses energy relatively fast to the observers while they become startled witnessing the one in between stomping on what they agreed was a flower.

He crushes it between the street and his foot.

He then picks it up and brings it to the woman and her dog.

"Is this no longer beautiful to you?"

The subject of interest falls to the ground in front of the pet.

Both sides demand to know the identity of the one between them.

Moving along the road, the masked one speaks again.

"I am the fish wriggling on the rocky shore, your world's oddity.

I could swim again,


I think that I may go for a walk instead.

If I lay still, know that I chose to fly."

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