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Fight Club Canada

You can't remember your first three years of life. I know why.

  • E. Arthandsky

The bridge between the few and many have crumbled with a clear disconnect. The balance is off.

There are two forms of law in this world, one for the rich and another for the poor.

Operation: Buy and Sell Canada

Help return stolen property.

Someone should dig up flower beds within the medians of the streets (outside of Canada's 6% of remaining indigenous land.) Parks are another great way to find potting soil that was stolen from Canada's indigenous.

Someone should bag and sell the potting soil for whatever the customer is willing to pay for it while donating all proceeds towards their province or territory's indigenous leadership to purchase their own land back.

If a police officer were to arrest you they would be aiding theft by obstructing you in your aim to return stolen property. It would be proper to put them under citizens' arrest and demand their supervisor on the scene.

Keep in mind any unwanted touching is classified as an assault in Canada.

Illegitimi non carborundum

The People of Canada Demand:

  1. Three Prime Ministers.

  2. No Senate.

  3. No Attorney General. Don't sweat it.

  4. One system of justice. Duty Counsel or self-representation.

  5. Three Judges in a court case.

  6. No more slaughterhouses. Instead, freelance hunting and butcher shops. Don't be cruel.

  7. Healthcare for all, including dental. Pets too.

  8. Sell green energy, then sell oil when it is worth selling. For now, buy gold, vinyl records and Disney VHS tapes with all the subliminal content.

  9. Grocery stores become funded by the Canadian Government. Feed your people.

  10. Cree and sign become national languages in Canada. Moving forward all voices will be heard.

Only a slave dreams of brighter chains.

I wouldn't buy anything that these billionaires are selling you.

Joseph Tsai: $12.6 billion

Sherry Brydson: $11.0 billion

Tobias Lutke: $9.83 billion

Galen Weston: $9.00 billion

Jim Pattison: $7.59 billion

Arthur Irving: $7.53 billion

Taylor Thomson: $6.81 billion

Peter Thomson: $6.81 billion

David Thomson: $6.81 billion

JK Irving: $6.25 billion

Anthony von Mandl: $6.0 billion

Chip Wilson: $5.96 billion

Linda Campbell: $5.35 billion

Gaye Farncombe: $5.35 billion

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