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Mail In Canada Is Free: Here's How

If I wanted to send my friend that I met online an ounce of cannabis that I grew as a gift, this is how I would do it.

I would go to a Service Canada location and take a free envelope,

they are next to the forms by the door.

I would put the ounce of cannabis in the envelope along with an email address, so my friend can email me a thank you. Or provide a gift of their own, no pressure but gifts aren't illegal. E transferring money could be a nice gift.

You could even write your favourite number on the paper with your email address so your friend knows it.

I would write the name and address of my friend on the envelope. I forget where to do that but maybe it is in the top left. Then a Canadian address in the middle, I think, but it isn't illegal to make a clerical error.

Then utilizing Canada Post's free postal service (so that all Canadians can stay in contact with each other,) deposit your envelope (with no sticky pictures stuck to it) in a postal drop-off box in your neighbourhood.

Now your mail is in the care of the government where it will be sent to your friend in its proper mail category of Return To Splendor. Just kidding...

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