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Water Toys

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I spent a couple of days at a campsite in Sturgeon Bay, Ontario recently and saw something worth mentioning.

I was fishing (not doing too bad either) when a boat in the distance was towing what looked like a surfboard above the water. When the boat and thrill-seeker came by for another pass I could catch a better glimpse of the contraption and saw there was something underneath the board, keeping the rider a meter above the water.

The guy was doing flips and spins using the boat's wake as a ramp.

I had to look for it on YouTube when I got home and it looked something like this:

It got me thinking as to what other water toys have been invented that I haven't seen before, which took me down a rabbit hole of videos.

Here are the best water toys that I saw:

Anyone else wish they were rich?

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