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The Rise Of Second Hand

Hand me downs are no longer something to be ashamed of.

The artisan spirit is strong today and some countries have malls dedicated to second hand products only. Re-usability is finally being taken seriously and it may save our planet.

People, planet and profit is now viable and the future of business.

Profit is no longer the most important aspect of business for entrepreneurs around the world. It's clear that government wants to dig its heels in the ground when it comes to change so maybe it will be up to the worlds industries to save the planet.

What will it take for the industry leaders to adopt an approach that embraces less profit?

Society is going to have to take the reigns away from the top one percent.

Either that or the ultra rich will have to diversify their portfolios to cover green energy and renewable resources.

If our nation truly wants to have a leading influence in the world we are going to have to dig deep and take pride in invention and innovation like we used to. We will have to yup, you guessed it, be more like Europe and adopt these changes now so we can profit in the long run.

More of the same will not change us and we can all agree that a change is needed for our world to unite and our planet to be cherished.

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