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The millennial Hotel

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Moving back home with your parents, or checking into the millennial hotel is the new norm.

Swallowing your pride sucks, but sometimes it's necessary for moving on in the face of hardship. Renting for life seems to be a reality now for many Canadians. How much longer will we have to endure sky high rental costs and look to purchasing a house as an impossible feat?

I'd like to know how many people working these minimum wage jobs have University degrees. Being overqualified seems to be the new average.

House prices need to come down if this new generation of adults are going to be able to stand on their own two feet without such a long struggle. Moving back in with your parents seems to happen more and more as millennials try to save up for the Canadian dream.

Is it entitlement to feel that home ownership should be available to anyone hard working enough? I don't think so.

Living paycheck to paycheck makes saving up for a house a mountain of a hill to climb.

This generation is going to have to think outside the box for ways to save up enough money for a down payment and mortgage. Living at home for a longer period of time or moving back will have to become an accepted step to home ownership unless something changes.

The reputation of millennials seems to be one of disorganization and entitlement.

I don't know where that misconception comes from but it couldn't be further form the truth.

Young activists will be responsible for our world changing its views on climate change once and for all. Once real change is enacted, everyone no matter what generation they belong to, will owe a thank you to our millennials.

Should millennials be embarrassed about moving in with their parents?

The optimist in me would think that the majority are using the step back in life to better themselves and that is nothing to be embarrassed about. Hopefully they are contributing to their parents costs while saving every dollar they can. Maybe it's a good thing that there is such a social change when someone moves back home, as it keeps them from spending.

Until housing prices come down, millennials moving back home with their parents is a trend that will continue. Waiting for the government to change is a terrible strategy so finding new ways to live and save needs to be implemented by the individual. This country was built on innovation so I have no doubt that the future of Canada is a bright one.

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