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The Joy of Gardening

Earlier this year a friend gave me a hand full of seeds.

I'm Canadian so I can disclose that they were marijuana seeds which I grew with strict adherence to the law, keeping only the legal limit. It just so happens that the size of the plants are ridiculously large to the point where I have actually had to shoo away birds from them.

There is a certain peace that comes with sticking a seed in the ground and watching its cycle begin.

Like any life, it needs nurturing and time committed to it to grow healthy which I did in the form of miracle grow a couple of times a week. I later found out that was overfeeding the plants but clearly, it didn't bother the cannabis too much.

I fell down a series of YouTube rabbit holes while growing the plants to study other peoples growing techniques of which there are countless.

I almost don't believe in them after seeing the results first hand of what doing the minimum produced.

The main problem that I will have to change for next year is the proximity to which I planted the four plants. Being too close together forced them to reach to the sky instead of bush out which made for less flower or bud. At least that's my deduction of what happened.

What's been your happiest gardening mistake?

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