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The Blog Hoarder Product Line

If you're a Canadian reading this then unfortunately you are about to become quite annoyed with me. The Blog Hoarder clothing line is currently only available in America through

But how did a Canadian like myself get one? Special treatment for creating the product maybe?

Nope, I cheated and created the same shirt with a print on demand company that does serve Canada called Never underestimate the lengths a blogger will go through to shamelessly self promote themself.

I don't know why Merch by Amazon isn't supplying Canada yet but I'm sure their expansion is inevitable.

If you're reading this and you're an American, may I first say thank you for checking out the Blog Hoarder shirt/ product line, but more importantly, thank you for stopping by

I don't know why the thought of an American reading my blogs or books is such a thrill as I'm genuinely delighted when anyone reads my writing, but the idea of my words escaping my mind and landing on foreign soil brings a smile to my face and a swelling to my heart.

No matter where you're reading this from I'm grateful for the opportunity to get you over to this website. My pride and joy. My mind unfolded online for you to examine and poke around. Here you will find music, books, photography and everything else related to the realm of the arts.

Creativity lives here.

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