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Teaching Life Skills In School

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Canada should be teaching our youth life skills in every school to prepare them for the real world.

One class a day should be dedicated to teaching our youth life skills like how to pay your taxes, how to start a small business, and other important practices to save money and empower our new generations.

Teaching a comprehensive path to becoming a homeowner would be an increasingly important lesson with housing prices as they are.

Balancing assets and liabilities is an underestimated basic skill that needs to become second nature. The value of saving your money and the ways to invest it should be part of every students curriculum.

Outdoor skills and urban farming could connect our future generations to nature in a way that the rest of us have been lacking.

Our goal should be to empower those who will be the future of our country by giving them new and better tools to succeed.

Integrate tomorrows technology into today's construction trades

Fossil fuel will soon be only in our past as we turn to renewable energy. Our Federal Government needs to address the elephant in the room to our construction industry. We are turning away from non renewable energy plain and simple. Right now our country's hard working men and women of the oil field are out of work while the price of oil plummets.

Start now. Take action in the curriculum that is being taught in trade schools. Start teaching our Pipe Fitters and Boilermakers how to retrofit oil refineries into a 100% green operation that produces a non contested medium.

Putting Universities to work

When it comes to the issues that effect us Canadians, I think that the government should be calling on the leadership of all Universities to act as a source of consensus.

Take for instance the issue of the Carbon Tax. What if instead of deciding for us, the Prime Minister posed the problem of what action to take in order to combat climate change, to the country's universities?

If two heads are better than one, how about the entire force of our educated future leaders. Why not utilized our country's educational system to its full potential?

No matter what path we choose as a collective people to follow we will need to make a change. We can stick our heads in the sand and wait out the storm and see what decision the rest of the world makes and fit in or we can take a stand and be the shining light that the world looks to for guidance in times of turmoil and uncertainty.

We may be a young country but we are influential, inventive and respected in the eyes of the world.

The poet Virgil said that "Fortune favours the bold" and in the case of supplying nations with an energy source, the country bold enough to embrace this change will no doubt be rewarded with fortune.

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