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Small Business Accounting Software

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In the mood for a long and boring search? Looking for free accounting software has you covered.

I recently needed to pull up my socks with my business bookkeeping and found myself searching for hours with frustrating results. The big players like quickbooks are easy enough to find but like the rest of the accounting software leaders they cost a monthly fee. A small business or sole proprietor can get away with paying around $20 a month.

If your're in a rush and want me to cut to the chase, here you go, download "Manager" for free at

"Manager" allows you to work offline as it is not cloud based. The majority of the input is to be performed by you, which is less than convenient when comparing to the cloud based programs that sync your bank account transactions. However for those like myself that prefer the offline approach to bookkeeping, "Manager" will balance your books for you without touching your bank account. The customization lets you tailor the program to your liking and needs allowing you to simply add or drop any tab element.

The Sole Proprietor

The convenience and features of the cloud based software is worth the money for a profitable business, but what about the sole proprietor getting started? It's a little more work with having to input your sales manually, however there is free software out there that will keep your finances organized and up to date.

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