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Punk Rock & Politics

A politician's job is not just to lead but to inspire us. To bring us solutions to our problems and show us respect while promoting our dignity and quality of life.

The punk's job is to reject authority's lies and shine a light on hypocrisy.

Punk rock is an underrated check and balance on power that also has the ability to mobilize a message.

In an interview, I once asked Joe Keithley of D.O.A. which is more important to the punk, the music or the counter culture? He told me that the two are equal, which I didn't understand at the time or for a while.

Now I see that the two are so interdependent that each wouldn't exist alone. The music needs the resistant force created by youthful angst just as the punk rock counter culture needs the lyrics to supply them with a battle cry for their revolution, the great second coming of punk.

From the outside punks seem odd, angry and misguided, but the further you venture into their world the clearer their point of view becomes as empathy truly is the mark of intelligence.

The punk respects action, not promises. They believe in true equality, even for the squares who fell in line so easily and never thought about wearing studded business suits to the office. The wimps that won't take the leap into being themselves in the face of all the others.

Knowing where their attitude comes from is an important piece of information to anyone trying to crack the code of the punk scene.

It supplies one with the punk motivation; change. Betterment for all. Equality and freedom.

They crave a modern mentality and a forward-thinking society that looks out for the little guy.

Accomplishing that will take a drastic change and that's what they've been calling for all these years. To wash away what doesn't work and rebuild with the future in mind.

Punk rock lives in all of us and that's why it's resurgence is destined in my humble opinion.

It entered our hearts early on in life during our teen years when the world seemed the most conquerable. But conformity and the embedded desire of stability beat our punk rock impulses into a dormant force. One that lays in wait for its eventual release to run wild again. To spit in the face of fascism and wave freedom's flag while day drunk on cheap beer and boxed wine.

Punk rock will rise again when the time calls for it. When the mainstream bends to the will of the few for the sake of the many. When demands no longer fall on deaf ears and enough is finally enough.

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