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All Hail The Chief Of Canada

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Is it time to ditch the Queen and show loyalty to our indigenous with a Chief of Canada?

Perhaps 2020 is the year we turn our back on royalty and no longer bow to anyone, as we are all equal. If we are to have a figurehead at the helm, then why not one who represents our countries earliest culture.

Pipelines are a major point of contention in our country that hasn't seen much of compromise on the governments side.

Our past has many wrongs to right, yet I see no sign of making amends to those we've damaged. A comprehensive plan that satisfies both sides of the pipeline fight needs to be implemented and that will only happen with dialogue and trust.

A Plan To Unite Us

Like any good business deal both sides must compromise and also have aligned interests. As it stands now a Canadian is pegged as not patriotic if they oppose pipeline production, or accused of being impartial to the needs of Alberta's population.

Our aboriginal people believes that the Earth is our mother and want us to change our ways, while big business wants to expunge every last drop of profit before the world changes it's mind completely about fossil fuels.

Why can't we build our pipelines inside of a cross province storm drain designed of cement? If there are any ruptures or spills the medium could be collected and not seep into the ground and therefore water ways.

My Proposal

I say we demand our Prime Minister give Canada back to our indigenous completely and then sign a 99 year lease for the county with a promise to take care of our portion of the planet in a way that respects the chief's culture.

Far fetched I know, but fortune favours the bold and our world needs compromise and unity right now.

Until the world starts to work together in a cohesive manner I suppose I'll just remain a dreamer.

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