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Nuclear Weapons Treaty

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

How hard is it for one world leader to start a petition against Nuclear Weapons?

It's widely believed that World War Three will be fought using nuclear weapons and that World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones.

Why is it that no world leader can start a treaty to end the use of nuclear weapons and utilize nuclear power generation for energy only.

How do we force a politician to create a nuclear weapons treaty that eliminates all stockpiles and halts production?

The world is becoming more closed off and tribal instead of welcoming and unified. We are divided and angry while this strange far right grip is rearing it's ugly head over the globe. War is in the air.

Good Leadership

Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave and shamed by our actions. The Nazi's are back and they're showing up in countries that once fought them. A true slap in the face to our veterans.

Where is the great uniter? Where is a leader with a competent path forward and strong defense against foreign election meddling?

Why are we all so quiet during the rise of tyrants? And why are we turning our back on the plight of the migrants looking to escape violence and oppression.

Our species is clearly too primitive to coexist peacefully, but will time teach us to come together or just deepen the rift between us?

An Era Of Peace

I hope such a thing is possible, however the pessimist inside of me thinks we're past saving.

Despite being in a climate crisis we don't even have a consensus among world leaders that global warming is real. Our population is exploding and we now live in a time of new and dangerous diseases being spread.

Perhaps the problem is pessimism itself. Maybe instead of waiting for a savior it is up to each of us to squash the dark thoughts of hopelessness and act. Put positive energy out into society with good deeds and look out for our fellow man.

My Proposal

I am proposing that we start small and demand a new service from out government. I say we make the government establish a method for us to be able to request a Peace Officer come to our house for a two hour appointment where they supervise a dinner service. Not just any dinner service, I say it becomes mandatory to invite a homeless person to dinner once a month as a signal to the rest of the world that compassion still exists here in Canada.

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