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Hodgson Fishing

I have a FaceBook page dedicated to fishing called Hodgson Fishing.

There you'll find a small community of like-minded anglers sharing their pictures and videos.

I've been into recreational fishing my whole life finding it relaxing, frustrating and exciting at the same time, besides, I need an excuse to get away from the computer every once in a while.

I grew up in the Edmonton area and fished Alberta in all directions, catching mostly Pike and Walleye but, now living in Ontario, I find myself in Bass waters which has me at a disadvantage as we prairie anglers aren't used to them.

Used to Bass or not, they are a fun fish to reel in.

I find there are more opportunities to use topwater baits in Ontario than in the prairie provinces.

Seeing a fish strike and then hit the open air after playing a frog through the Lilly pads is a thrill that bests the heavy-hitting deep water bite.

But my opinion is only one and I'd love to hear yours.

If you're a fishing fan, don't delay and head over to the Hodgson Fishing FaceBook page. Feel free to send me a message at any time with a picture or video that you want me to share.

Happy fishing!

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