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Declassified UFO videos

The Pentagon declassified video footage of UFO's. Are these aliens or a new technology from a foreign country?

Are the chilling videos legitimate? Are the flight patterns of objects explainable? Why release the videos?

I am a skeptic to say the least, but I consider myself open minded.

With the vastness of space and true infinity taken into account the possibility of alien life is certainly possible, but what are the odds that another life form has visited our little Earth? Maybe as slim as our existence.

Is there a stigma in believing in alien life?

If so why? We exist. How can it be unbelievable that another species has risen to a more advanced technological level than us? Still, I can't say I believe that these videos are actually alien space crafts. I'm not saying they aren't, but like I said before I'm a skeptic.

Is there a possibility that there is a country with aviation this sophisticated? Maybe but I always thought that the Americans had the most up to date technology, yet their pilots seem as confused as we are.

This video makes me think twice about the construction of the pyramids and all the other theories I've been bombarded with. If it is real I'd like to know what isn't declassified.

Is this video proof of alien life? I'd like to know what you think in the comments.

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