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Tech For Pets

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

My dog loves to watch Television. He doesn't care what's on for the most part. That is until another dog appears on screen which is when he goes crazy.

He's fascinated by the technology while I'm fascinated in his interest. Right now I can only imagine the tech that will be invented for our pets in the future. We already have virtual reality headsets for dogs, how long until were taking virtual walks together more often than the real thing? 

How about music? How much longer until there are animal musicians? I've seen an elephant paint a picture of itself holding a flower, I wonder how long it will be until we provide the technology for an animal to create music?

Artificial intelligence is already doing it. I suppose providing elephants and other intelligent animals a means to compose would be well after we are finished shooting them for trophies. 

If the ability to allow animals to make music was possible then I'm sure that communication would be the next advancement. We could finally ask our pets the questions we wanted to know, like what they dream about and why are you barking so much.

What The Future Holds

We already live in a world of self cleaning litter boxes and have the ability to video chat with our pets, but what's the next level going to look like and when will it be accessible to all pet owners?

What's the most interesting technology geared towards animals that you've seen?

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