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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We are living in a time where our democratic institutions are being challenged and put to the test. Will we endure, collapse or rise to a greater existence?

To think we are anything but still primitive is naive, we can't even come together as a species and agree on our origin. No matter what you believe about our past, you would think that our species could at least agree on asteroid defense for our one planet.

I am lucky to be Canadian, I know that. Nobody has the choice of where in the world they are born and I realize I won the lottery being born into a country of such equality and compassion. However even here in the land of the nice, we argue and disagree just like the rest of the world. Currently we lack world leaders that are capable of uniting humanity. We still bow to Kings and Queens for some reason. When will we grow up?

The times are calling for change and yet our deaf ears hear nothing but calls of tribalism.

Maybe it's time we unite under a new purpose. Improvement. Our political process isn't perfect.

In my opinion there is no reason for this.

In order to improve at anything you must adapt and overcome where as our political system is stagnant and is just accepted as the way it is. Just because things are the way they are doesn't mean that's the way it has to be.

Figurehead or not, the Queen is our head of government. Why?

Yes I understand Canadian history, which is all the more reason I am proposing we sack the Queen and look to a Chief of Canada as a show of appreciation to our indigenous. As for the operation of our government I say we give a power triumvirate a go.

If we elected the top three candidates for Prime Minister to rule under a simple majority, every decision made by the Canadian government would be a compromise that looked after all Canadians equally.

Out of the three elected Prime Ministers the one who received the most votes and would normally be PM alone, would be named Grand Chancellor and be in charge of all war time decisions. On all other matters a majority between the three leaders is needed, ensuring the views and beliefs of all Canadians would be taken into consideration.

If we learn to compromise and move forward as a people together we will envision the same future, which would make turning that vision to reality smoother.

I'm glad that my country caters to immigrants and migrants escaping tragedy for a peaceful life as not all countries can see that diversity is a strength.

The country that caters to immigrants will own the future and rightfully so.

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