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Low Content Books

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I just published several low content books after recently being turned onto the concept.

Day journals, datebooks and blank music tabs are some examples of low content books.

The first of four that I published is a writer's journal called "Thoughts & Ideas" and is a simple book of lined paper.

As a writer, I find it important to always have a notebook nearby and with "Thoughts & Ideas" you are free to fill a paperback with your own creativity.

The second book is a mix of lined paper and blank guitar tab sheets called "Blank lyric and Guitar Tab Sheets." As the name suggests, it is a book of blank tab sheets and lined paper to keep your songs as you progress through your musical career.

Instead of trying to save loose sheets of paper with your heart poured out onto them, utilize the "Blank Lyric and Guitar Tab Sheets" book and keep an organized and beautiful record of your songs.

The third is my favourite, called "Stock Portfolio Record Book" and is a great way to keep a paper copy of your stock portfolio.

The book includes 50 blank templates to record your stocks as well as 20 watch list pages to keep track of the most notable performers you are thinking about investing in.

Having a paper copy of your portfolio is important and the "Stock Portfolio Record Book" is a paper copy full of class in its pristine paperback format.

The fourth is a year-long day planner. 52 of the best weeks of your life ready for you to keep a record of or plan ahead for. Keeping a paper record is important to a lot of people and I am one of them.

As a millennial, I'm very into tech and utilize my phone for a large portion of my organization, but the old soul in me feels more comfortable with a paper record.

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