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How To Migrate Assets Between Games In The Unreal Engine

in this quick Unreal Engine tutorial we will be migrating assets from one project to another. 

In other words, we will transfer our chosen asset(s) from one project to another without adding the entire asset pack.
Here's how we'll do it In The Unreal Engine,

  • Open the Unreal Engine project with the asset(s) already added.

  • Select the asset(s) you want to migrate to another project in the content browser and right-click.

  • Select Asset Actions.

  • Select Migrate.

Select assets in content browser. Right Click. Migrate.

Click OK to Asset Report Prompt

  • Choose a destination for the asset(s) by opening the game file on your PC of the Unreal Engine project you want to add the asset(s) into.

  • Open the Content folder.

  • Click Select Folder for the Choose Destination prompt.

Asset file path. Game file. Content. Select folder.

Now there are copies of the asset(s) in the project they were migrated to, without needing to add the entire asset pack.

All the best to you on your game dev journey. 

Now go create your masterpiece.

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