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Here We Are Alone by Iduna

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

"Here We Are Alone" is the new single from Toronto's Iduna.

A call to unite us and a hardy heave out of the glue our society is stuck in.

This song storms the trenches and takes no prisoners like a rogue soldier on the battleground that is 2020's division and tribulations.

There is a touch of anarchy gritted between the song's teeth that bite into your heart and guide you through modern hardships.

The song starts with a bass-line that controls the first thirteen seconds of the trip until the rest of the band joins the revolution on the cue of well-timed feedback.

The rhythm is strong and lends itself in unity to the guitar and vocals which stand out and take the lead mid-song.

The latter half of "Here We Are" refuses to give out, tire or quit pushing its own limit like a long-distance runner reaching out and digging deep for a new personal best.

The messaging of the track reflects the new times we find ourselves in without whimpering in despair or cowering to unjust forces, instead, there is a ride to be taken.

The road is bumpy and full of obstacles like life and you never know when it ends but it's a Hell of a ride and you'd be a fool to miss out on it.

The songwriting is cutting edge like we have grown used to from the group and lyrics like "This is not the world we grew up in" would be relevant to anyone paying attention to the changing times, but they seem all the more pertinent to us here in 2020.

Toronto, Ontario is a well-known hotbed for artistic talent in Canada and standing out above the rest at a consistent tempo is a talent in itself possessed by few bands, one of which is Iduna.

"Even in moments of isolation or despondency, remember that the world is full of kindhearted souls eager to connect and overcome. Together we are stronger" - Iduna

Here is an interview I did with Iduna not too long ago

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