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Go For A Walk

My dog was found abandoned at a dog park by some soulless piece of garbage, so he hates going to dog parks. He foams at the mouth out of anxiety and stays right by my side paying no mind to the other dogs. Plain and simple it's not his thing. So we get our exorcise out on the trails.

I've been a bit stir crazy since the trails were closed because of COVID-19 and we were forced to walk around the streets, but since trails opened back up we've been making good use of them.

If I didn't have a dog I would probably still keep the walks up but because I do I make sure not to miss too many days in a row as I always feel a little better after going.

It's also a great opportunity to put stories together in my head, do any other writers or artists organize their ideas with a walk? Feel free to leave a comment if you do or let me know why you don't.

Regardless of what you do for a living, take a walk with us.

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