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Douche of the Week 1

Welcome one and all to the first Douche of the Week blog.

I had a run-in with a loser so inept at how to behave in society that I had to dedicate a blog category to this fascinating species.

It's truly strange how well the Douche blends in with us most of the time but they are easy to spot when they show their true colours.

I went to Tim Horton's for a coffee like a typical Canadian and waited patiently for the truck in front of me, a large Chevy with dual rear tires, not for hauling but for compensating for his tiny genitalia.

After taking his precious time that is far more valuable than mine or yours, he pulled up to the drive-through window while talking on his phone the entire time, to yet again lollygag. After grabbing his order with his dumb clumsy hands, he keeps his pinnacle of small man syndrome (his huge truck) stopped while he organizes his order.

Once finished settling himself in, he begins to drive his tiny wiener mobile and throws his tray out the window with a big ear to ear grin while I blast my horn at the Douche of the week.

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