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Veronica Fusaro

With her third EP out and a growing international presence, Veronica Fusaro, the pride of Switzerland is taking over your favourite radio channel.


She stepped into the music business alone with her self produced first EP in 2016 called Lost in Thought. The five songs are an impressive collection of what Fusaro is capable of and sets the bar for her professional career at a seemingly impossible to follow height, but she pushed boundaries again with her second EP Ice Cold.

Her second venture starts with her R&B skills front and centre in the opening song “Off You” and continues until the final track called “Never Get Down” which taps into a stronger pop vibe than the other four songs including "Better if I Go."

The stronger pop infusion continues into her third and most progressive EP, Sunkissed.


The first song is “Rollercoaster,” a jazz infused soul pop song that will have you up and dancing before the first verse.

The track shows Fusaro’s evolution since Lost in Thought, while staying true to her signature style.

“Rollercoaster” is the album’s golden child in my opinion and is one of the top tracks to be first introduced to Fusaro’s work with as it shows the versatility behind her song arrangement.

The 2:25 mark turns the track on its head for a welcomed sidetrack into a rock influenced groove that adds a rawness to the smooth sound.

The song returns to its roots with a seamless transition and ends with you wanting more.


The new EP’s fourth track “Run in Mind” needs to be mentioned as it is Fusaro’s most advanced song out of her entire catalogue. The songwriting takes you to a place of pure vulnerability where you’re at the total mercy of someone else. Lyrics like “you could take my time you can have it baby, I could give you all you want you could run my mind” shows you what it is to be helplessly in love.

The chorus proves her originality while also exposing her tenderness, as she lets someone else to take the lead with her emotions. A trust between hearts that is timelessly cherished.

Tailing the second chorus at the 1:45 mark is a dream like bridge that takes the song into a new and unexpected direction. The lyrics “this is the end, they’re catching up, we’re done my love” reflect an impending doom that only love can save you from and a willingness to throw caution to the wind.

The chorus brings you back to the warm embrace of Fusaro’s carved out style and onto the hypnotic outro that leaves you breathless.


The new album ends with “All I Ever Wanted,” a sombre love song with legs for radio and a chorus that hits home. There is a sense of loss and disappointment that forms itself into a plea familiar to anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve.


Veronica Fusaro is the star we have been waiting for. Her music serves as a road map to that special place where soul pop is headed. Where the songwriting is as moving and gripping as the beat. Where the true stars shine and guide us through the darkness.


Recently introduced to the Swiss soul pop star, I was able to ask her some questions via email about her and her music.


You’ve only been around since 2016 yet the amount of success and accolades are piling up. What has been your biggest honour?

My biggest honor was definitely getting to open a concert for Mark Knopfler in front of 13,000 people. That was truly incredible, and I’ll never forget that feeling of standing on that beautiful stage they built in the amphitheater of Nîmes, in France. I had never played in front of so many people!


You have performed for some pretty large audiences, do you prepare for the bigger shows differently than your more intimate performances?

Usually it doesn’t make a difference in terms of preparation, I have my routine and things I do before a show and it doesn’t really matter if there’s 5 or 1000 people in the room. Sometimes I do get a little extra nervous when there’s a lot of people, and I definitely need a little longer to prepare myself.


Who do you think is the most versatile singer alive today?

Uh, that’s a tough one. I understand versatile as in vocal range, control of their voice and overall technique. I’d say Beyonce. I’ve seen her live running and dancing around on stage and still hitting every single note perfectly! Jessie J is also very impressive in my opinion.


When did you first pick up a guitar? What kind was it?

I had to dig deep in my memories for this one, but I think it was an acoustic guitar with steel strings my dad once got (he knows how to play two melodies on it). He has that guitar laying around in Italy at my grandma’s place, and whenever we’d visit, which we would do since I was a baby, that guitar would make a comeback and be played from time to time. So I guess that was my first ever guitar I put my hands on.


Which EP are you most proud of?

I can’t tell you my favorite child! That would be cruel. The EPs were made in three very different phases of my life. As humans we grow and learn, so does whatever creative output we do, if we exercise/keep learning and making mistakes.


You say that you need to connect with a song in order to cover it, what was it about Autumn Leaves that you identified with? Who do you think performs the song best?

The words and the melody go together so well, they paint a very clear picture with all these beautiful colors of the trees in autumn. The melody is so sad and longing. Hard to say, one of my favorite versions is Nat King Cole’s. His voice fits perfectly with it!


Who are your top three artists that you would like to collaborate with?

Childish Gambino, Lorde and Frank Ocean.


Do you have a dream venue to perform in?

I’d love to play Madison Square Garden once. Oh and the Arena i Verona, Italy is another one. I think amphitheatres are an incredibly beautiful setting to play a concert in.


You were in your school’s choir and gravitated to music early. At what point did you realize that you were going to make music your career?

Well, I always dreamed about it, I always wanted to. But I had no idea what it meant and how you’d do it, actually making a living out of this. I think the moment I realized it would actually be possible to do this was when I quit uni in order to dedicate my all and everything to my dream.


You grew up listening to Italian rock. Can you suggest a group that would be a good introduction for Canadians like myself to get into Italian rock music?

Yes I did! Well, I grew up with the Italian rock legend Vasco Rossi, who recently celebrated his 40 years of career by playing a sold out show with 220,000 tickets sold. I’d recommend to give a listen to “Sally,” one of my favorite songs ever, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, again it’s the mix of the melody and the lyrics that get me. If you like something a bit harder go for his song “C’è Chi Dice No.”


If you weren't a musician and had to choose another career path what would it be?

I honestly don’t know. Funny enough I thought about it this morning when waking up, and I just don’t know what I would do. I’d be pretty lost if it wasn’t for music. And I’m lost even with music sometimes haha.


Do you have a favourite country to perform in?

I don’t think so. 99% of the places I’ve played people have greeted me with open arms, and I’m just a really lucky girl that I get to see and travel the world because of music.


Switzerland is full of artists and you managed to stand out there. Now you are performing all over the world and still managing to be distinctly original.

What do you think it is about you and your music that everyone is gravitating towards?

You know, I don’t really know. I mean, of course I like the songs and I pour my whole heart in them, but I don’t know why even people who I’ve never met like them. Why should they? I’m just happy and glad they do.


If you couldn’t use the words mixture, modern or innovative how would you describe your sound in one word?



Which EP do you recommend to someone who has never heard your music to start with if they could only pick one?

I’d say to listen to my latest EP Sunkissed. I think it reflects the best which direction I’m headed towards with my upcoming debut album.


What is the most important non living thing to you that is not a musical instrument?

That’s gonna sound very unromantic, but I guess my laptop. I need it to records things, to find inspiration, I get to listen to all the music in the world with a couple of clicks, I get to stay in touch with the people out there in the world and my family and friends. Especially during these crazy times, where I can’t go out and meet whoever I want nor play shows.


What do you enjoy more, the process of creating the song or performing it live for the first time?

You know, it really depends on how I’m feeling. Some days all I’d like to do is lock myself into my little studio and just create, other days playing a show, connecting with people and playing my songs is all I long for.


Are your Canadian audiences as receptive as the crowds back in Switzerland?

Up to this date I’ve only played two shows in Canada, which were both fun and I felt very welcomed! I’d rather play a couple more tho before I could tell you a comparison. I was supposed to play in Canada in May, but due to the circumstances (COVID-19) these gigs were cancelled. I hope to be back soon.


Are your parents musicians? What do they do?

No they’re not musical at all actually. But they love listening to music, like I’d dare to say, all of us do. They both work in the medical field, so a very different world than mine.


You don’t sound like your influences or your musical peers, how are you differentiating yourself so effectively?

I take this as a compliment, so thank you very much! I don’t know really, the music I do is a mix of whatever music has reached my ears throughout my life. I don’t really think this has to be different when I make music, I just make it in the first place.


What is the weirdest fan mail that you’ve received so far?

Haha, well I did get kind of proposed to… but most of them are extremely supportive and super lovely!


It’s not just the production value of your music videos that we are all impressed with, it’s also your camera presence. Have you thought about branching out into acting as well?

Thank you! I could still do better tho. I did once get an offer ages ago to act in a movie, but I declined because I wanted to focus on music. I don’t think I’d be good at acting, I’d rather stick to the music. But you know, never say never!


What’s the best thing about Thun, Switzerland?

That it looks like a postcard. The lake and the mountains all around are very beautiful to look at.


Your chosen genre has some pretty big shoes to fill, do you have an approach to becoming greater than your predecessors?

I don’t think these great predecessors could ever be replaced, there’s no such thing as the next Michael Jackson or whoever you think of. Artists like Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald are my inspirations and I admire them for the music they made. But for me it’s about creating my own world, my own music and become the best at what I’m doing. Hope that makes sense.


You sing about a lie in “Hello Old Friend.” What is one lie big or small that you are willing to admit to right now?

I’m actually singing that I couldn’t lie about the fact that I was very close to call that person, but I didn’t in the end.

When I was little I once lied about having rabbits at home. I have no idea why, I was probably trying to impress somebody.


The most exciting part about Veronica Fusaro’s music is the innovation and invention involved. The ability to inject multiple genres into a single song without cluttering it is impressive but what stands out the most is her ability to attach deep meaning to her lyrics. There is no compromise between artistic invention and popular hooks, no bait and switch or smoke and mirrors, just a fresh take on the cutting edge of popular music ready to be devoured by the masses.

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