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The Odd Neighbourhood

From Nanaimo, British Columbia, Travis Adams is breaking out on to the Canadian music scene while turning it on its head.

With an unmatched work ethic and the voice of Jeff Buckley meets Sam Roberts, this musician has the alternative and psychedelic rock scene in the palm of his talented hand.

Laid back and upbeat at the same time is hard to accomplish, yet this mix seems second nature to Adams.


The unique and addicting sound of The Odd Neighbourhood has replay value like no other and draws the listener in from start to finish.

The Odd Neighbourhood is a music project created by Adams out of his home studio in early 2017 and then released to the world in June 2018.

The arrangement of The Odd Neighbourhood song list on the album “The Pros And Cons Of Business School” creates the rising tide that crashes over and drowns you comfortably and without struggle.

The album starts off with a self titled track and sets the tone as one of delicate ambience and powerful melodies.


The ten track album keeps you gripped and motionless throughout the entire experience bringing forth feelings of solitude and introspection. The emotion put into the work shows and then becomes relatable. The sound of Travis Adams reminds me of Tame Impala meets The Broken Bells but with an aura of complete originality. Refreshing, empowering and innovative, The Odd Neighbourhood fills a gap long missed by the rest and takes an elevated place on the podium of creativity.

Lyrics like “It ain’t my damn fault that the weekends go so fast, and you know if I’d had it my way I’d never let them pass” from the song “The Good In The Bad” encompasses the entire experience of the album as you just want it to keep going.


During The Odd Neighbourhood’s live performances Adams is joined by Hogan Smith on bass, Troy Pawloski on Drums and Jordan Faganello on synthesizers while Travis heads the group with guitar and lead vocals.

2019 was the year of the singles for the Odd Neighbourhood as three were put out, “The Difference,” “Spill Your Drink On Me” and “Cherry Wine.”

What I noticed about the new singles compared to the debut album is the percussion. It doesn’t take the front seat yet it is commanding enough to almost over take you in a good way.

I like hearing musicians styles evolve as they navigate their creative paths, it shows how much music they really have in them.

If 2019 was any indication of the direction of The Odd Neighbourhood than you might as well learn the name now, because it will be all over the radio waves soon enough.

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