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Before I talk about this band I want to talk about a song called Valerie.

I’ve heard this beautiful song time and time again by many musicians and I say with confidence that the band Ten02 has the best version. They perform the modern classic in a way that breaths new life onto the songs coals in order to laugh at the flames they cause to rise.

Doing it better than the original isn't a one off for this band as they out play the legend himself John Mayer with their cover of “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.” I can’t help but get goosebumps by bands like this. The Canadian indie scene doesn’t just belong in B.C. and Ontario, Ten02 proves that. They’re an Alberta band from Red Deer that stays busy by performing almost non stop.


Ten02 doesn’t just have one sound as they reach out and take the chances that a band needs to take in order to separate themselves from the rest. In songs like Stuck On You (Feat. Newl!fe) there is a slight but unmistakable ska sound, yet this is definitely not a ska band. Instead of settling down in one genre Ten02 feels comfortable pushing limits and experimenting by dipping their toes into a variety of melodies.


“No Good For Me” off of their debut EP “Songs about girls” is a relatable song that takes the confused anxiety which comes along with love and puts a spot light on it. Lyrics like “All the wrong you’ve done, I shouldn’t feel so much for you, but I do” speaks to anyone who was hurt by love and let their heart take control of their mind.


This band is the rising star of the Alberta indie scene and is just beginning to stretch their wings.

What heights will this group soar to? The sky is the limit with talent like this.

Their traction from winning Rock 104.5 Rockstar Search had them hitting the ground running and now they are in demand.

It’s not just this bands charisma booking them into venue after venue, they rise above by turning the stage into their home away from home and play with an inviting nature that hooks the audience immediately. They’re in it for the passion, the nature of invention, the need to create and above all else Ten02 is in it for the long haul.





Ten02 Band Line Up


Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar – Elijah Chauvet

Lead Guitar – Kaiden Schauer

Vocal & Keyboard – Emma Baker

Bass – Chase Bishop

Drums – Josh Chandler

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