Cartoons, Comics & Illustrations

For comics, cartoons & illustrations send your work of any genre to or simply contact me through social media via FaceBook or Twitter. 

Do you have 2 pages worth of content?
The 2 pages must tell an original story.
I am looking for engaging and original content for issue 1 of Blog Hoarder Magazine.
This gig pays $10 CAD for 2 pages of original work.


Send your submissions to

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Fiction Junkie Anthology Series


Send in your fiction story of any genre to for a chance to be featured in the Fiction Junkie anthology series.

2000-5000 words

Payment for an accepted story is $20 CAD for unexclusive rights.




Website Submissions: Poetry 

Selected works will be featured on the website. 

Please send in a short bio as well as any links you would like me to post along with your poem. I am unable to pay for poetry featured on the website but I will promote you the best I can.

Send your submissions to

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Seeking Unsigned / Signed Musicians For Interview

Looking for an excellent blogger to capture your music?

Send me a sample of your music and let me know you are open to an interview.

Contact me at

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For art and photography please include an artist pic, bio, and statement. If you don't have an artist bio and statement than just include your basic info. Please include links to your social media or personal website as well as examples of your art.

Send your submissions to