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How to resurrect a computer from the dead:

Slap Xtra-PC into your USB port, follow the instructions then let your computer blast off.

Even if your OS isn't working on your computer you can still use Xtra-PC because it runs from USB. Faulty or missing hard drive? No problem as long as your computer can boot from USB, which most computers built after 2008 will.

The flash drive stick sneaks its way past your old, slow and bloated Windows Operating System like a ninja on a mission, then turns your PC into a fine-tuned speed demon.

The new OS will have the look and feel of your old Windows PC, so you won't be confused.

One of the neat things about Xtra-PC is that your computer's hard drive can be accessed and will make your files available to you again.

It also doesn't modify existing files, so breathe easy.

Xtra-PC works on a wide variety of desktops, notebooks, and laptops.

Order yours today!

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