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The 10 Best Board Games To Pass The Time

What makes a good board game?

Creativity? Design?

The ability to bring people together with engaging content is the key to a great game, but which ones stand out as the best?

Here are Blog Hoarder's top 10 board games to pass the time:


#9 FireFly The Game

#8 Cards Against Humanity

#7 Jenga

#6 Clue: Dungeons & Dragons

#5 Blockbuster

#4 Star Wars Outer Rim

#3 Zombies Third Edition

#2 Super Mario Monopoly

#1 Risk Skyrim

No matter which game you choose to pass the time, make sure you spend that time with the people you love and cherish. Life is a short as it is tough so lets make sure to cut out some time for fun with friends and family.

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