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Right Now Is The Right Time - Tom Green

A true rambler forging through life full steam ahead, there is a clear-cut honesty to the music of Tom Green.

On the road not chasing fame, but instead being chased by it, he has shown no sign of slowing, instead, the contrary as Tom presses hard on the gas pedal, flooring it into a new realm of musical creativity.

The first fifty-one seconds of the song provide a relatable feeling of escape and discovery but not the type of discovery seeking money or adulation, instead, Tom is singing about that special voyage for those with the balls to put everything in the rearview mirror, the trip where direction doesn't matter, only the solitude, freedom, and ability to keep moving.

The fifty-two-second mark is when "Right Now Is The Right Time" makes its move and hijacks your preconceptions of what the song was. Everything picks up including the messaging of motivation to create your own path in life.

In order to put your best foot forward in this world, you need to take an honest look inward with clear eyes and no ego.

The lyrics "Don't look back sayin man I should of done more" inspires the listener to piss on their comfort zone and knock life's door down, running full force into whatever existence decides to throw their way.

There is a humble admission of the meekness of humanity in the lyrics "We don't know what tomorrow brings, we don't know much of anything, all I know is we can laugh and we can sing," not in an ignorance is bliss sort of way, but rather an acceptance that mankind doesn't have all the answers yet and that's nothing to fear.

"Right Now Is The Right Time" inspires the listener to take a good hard look at what they have done and what they are capable of achieving.

When it comes to making your mark on the world, right now is the right time.

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