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If you're not much of a reader I'll get to the point right away, this game is a must-have for the avid puzzle solver.

The point of this beautiful game by Octagon Game Studio is simple, collect the loot with your octopus tentacle without getting hurt. Why?

To stop disgusting parasites from spreading.

In a pleasantly crafted world, a young octopus is searching for stolen artifacts to save his tribe and stop the parasitic invasion.

You blast a tentacle underground to collect various coins for the purpose of advancing to the next maze. Each level gets progressively harder at an even pace and teaches you the different elements without overloading you.

The responsiveness to your movement is immaculate while the friendly and inviting animations provide a relaxed setting, the formula produced is an ideal concoction for concentration and thinking outside the box. The background music is calming without overdoing it and could easily double as a white noise app for concentration.

I recently reached out to one of the game developers, Dmytro Kyrychenko and asked a few questions.

How many people are on your team?

We are a three-person team, all co-founders.

How long have you been a game developer?

I've been developing games since 2002.

What got you into the space?

I've owned computer clubs and then decided to create my own game for a challenge.

How important is the ability to write code for someone who wants to

build games this day in age?

I think that coding is highly important.

What platform do you use to build games on?


Do you build anything other than games?

Not at the moment, no.

What is your favourite game that you didn't make?

I love Legacy of Kain.

What is next for Octagon Game studio?

If we have commercial success we have a vision of how to make OctoMaze F2P game. We also have another very innovative game design document.

The attention that went into this game shows and is appreciated by puzzle fans like myself.

I give this game a perfect 8 out of 8 tentacles, which grab your attention and refuse to let it go.

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