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No More Smelling Miscakes With Grammarly

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

"I" before "E" except after... something.

Maybe you had it and lost it, or maybe you never had good grammar to begin with, either way, we live in a technical age where clear communication is essential.

Don't blow your dream job because of spelling mistakes or come off as unprofessional on social media. No matter what you're writing for, it's good practice to either create your piece in Grammarly or import it and check for errors and better suggestions.

Grammarly offers a free, paid premium and business plan to choose from.

For the basics, you can get by with the free version as it offers spelling, grammar and punctuation corrections.

For the professional individual, the premium may work as it offers some useful tools not found in the free version's arsenal.

  • Everything in Free

  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites

  • Tone adjustments

  • Plagiarism detection

  • Word choice

  • Formality level

  • Fluency

  • Additional advanced suggestions

Grammarly also offers a Business Plan geared towards teams of 3 to 149.

The features of the Business Plan are:

  • Everything in Premium

  • Style guide

  • Admin panel

  • Centralized billing

  • Priority email support

  • SAML single sign-on

If you're interested in a paid version of Grammarly please consider using this affiliate link to sign up.

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