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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I found a great puzzle game that I think is worth sharing. The game is called Hocus and has you navigate your way through an optical illusion by maneuvering a red box into a red square on the opposite side of the illusion. The game tests your spatial ability to the maximum and provides satisfaction when you complete a puzzle.

The first few levels are to show you how the mechanics work and get progressively more challenging as you go.

The first 10 levels turn you from a curious amateur to an engaged intermediate within minutes. Once you reach the levels in the 20's you need to really stop and think.

Personally, I work backwards.

I find it easier to picture the movements starting from the red square back to the box, seeing the end moves first takes the brunt of confusion away from the puzzle and provides a great launching point for a deduction.

Hocus is a phenomenal game that keeps your mind sharp through a minimalist looking glass upon a beautifully sculpted world of optical illusion puzzles. It's a simple, gripping and a genuinely challenging game that deserves a download.

I highly recommend this game and give it a solid 9/10.

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