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Golden Tee Golf


This is a well-known game that has earned its spot in every sports bar that I've ever been to. Now this game is available on Google Play and I of course gave this old favourite a download to see how it performs and I was not disappointed.

It's a free download that allows for hours of genuinely great golf. The gameplay is as fast-paced as you want while allowing you to be as technical as desired.

No matter if you're passing the time with a few rounds or diving in deep for a full day of golf, Golden Tee Golf is now at your fingertips.

The game performs better as an app then it did as an arcade game and while it does promote in-app purchases it doesn't overdo it to an annoying extent.

There are some pretty unique and well thought out items and advancements in the game like golf balls that stop on a dime or upgrades to your clubs. You can still have a challenging and enjoyable game without upgrading your equipment or spending a dollar.

The game makers, Incredible Technologies, Inc did a beautiful job accomplishing what we all wanted from them, which was to get this game into our homes.

I don't know how many loonies I dumped into Golden Tee at the pub, so it's a great feeling to be playing this game for free these days.

If you feel like hitting the links from the comfort of your own home then give Golden Tee Golf a shot.

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