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Ghost of Tsushima

I have been waiting for a game this gripping for longer than I knew.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of those replayable masterpieces that reshape a genre and show off the true promise of its developer.

You play as a Samurai on a mission to defeat the invading Mongols and rescue your captive uncle, all the while meeting new allies and enemies in a gripping tale of bravery and freedom.

The controls are well thought out and responsive, but the way that the game rolls out the combos and techniques is the smartest and most consistent I've played, making it relatively easy to pick up.

The open-world concept feels more coordinated and thought out than most in the genre, but it is the tempo that impresses me the most.

Your attention is instantly grasped with an important battle that shapes the game and then kept engaged with the depths of each mission. No matter where you navigate to, be it to discover a new location or begin a side or main mission, your experience is consistently pushing the ball of progress forward.

The wildlife in the game provide more than realism to your island home, as certain animals hold purpose.

Make sure you always follow a fox or yellow bird if you come across them in the expansive and detailed landscape as the fox will lead you to shrines and the yellow bird to important areas.

Little things like brushing up against the PS4 touchpad to reveal a guiding wind that blows towards your selected area on the world map add up and provide an unmatched gaming experience.

Your character Jin Sakai, struggles with honour while discovering what he will do to save his family and home.

His morals are pushed to the limit and yours vicariously through him.

This is my favourite game in 2020.

For the well told story and immersive gameplay, I give Ghost of Tsushima 10 out of 10 Katanas. A must play!

Or in Canada

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