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Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy has always been cutting edge. The graphics are what the industry still looks to as the crowning achievement of what is possible. But what happens when you strip away the awe-inspiring cutscenes and instead rely on the story and gameplay with simple animation. The stripped-down and simple version of the game keeps the franchise's integrity.

This is one of those big things coming in small packages scenarios that end with customer satisfaction.

Square Enix stands by the game (rightfully so) by offering the first chapter as a free download, with the additional 9 chapters for a moderate price (for a Final Fantasy game.)

I've recently found myself playing RPG's once again which is something I put down for no good reason, years ago.

The only Final Fantasy games I've played have been 9 and 10 which I loved, but that lack of experience translates into an open-mindedness that might not exist with the die-hard fans who know what they want.

The combat is more of a hack and slash as opposed to a turn-based system, which works well on tablet and pc making it the right decision in my opinion.

I give Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition 9.5 Chocobo Eggs out of 10.

What's your favourite Final Fantasy Game?

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