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Anthony Noble

Unapologetic on all fronts.

No preconceptions. No compromise.

The art of Canadian Anthony Noble has an edge that cuts the strings of the conventional and uses them to tie a noose around society's neck.

Within the realm of Noble's art exists a gruesome embrace of the weird and obscure, like pop culture for misfits.

There is a real tattoo artist feel that could easily double into the comic book/ graphic novel world, yet exists alone in a strange realm of originality.

Noble's work is versatile like that. There is a culmination of forces that splash together in a wild display that dazzles the spectator in a stupor of appreciation for originality.

There is a punk rock essence in Noble's work that draws out the inner anarchist in all of us

A ghoulish grasp grips your interest and guides you through the trip to the other side of art. To the lost middle ground between madness and marketability.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Anthony some questions about his art and life.

What do you do for a living?

I work for Apex Oilfield Services in Lloydminster AB. I set up, fix, and run centrifuges for drilling rigs in the area.

Dead or alive, who do you look up to the most artistically?

My favourite artist has always been Brian Schroeder(Pushead.)

His work for Metallica and The Misfits has always stood out for me, I have always drawn skulls and demons and things like that and it was all inspired by his work.

What drives you to create?

What drives me to create is really just the fact that I’m away from my family for extended periods of time. I enjoy drawing and video games cause they create an escape for me and keep me entertained. I find if I keep my mind active, time flies by a bit better.

When did you start drawing and when did you start taking it seriously?

I have drawn all my life but in January I picked up a drawing screen for my laptop and started reaching out to punk bands that had songs that really stood out to me and got permission to use their likenesses and draw what I picture while I enjoy their music. The guys in bands like 5cent Freakshow, The Haunting, Coven of Ghoulz , The sawed offs, Trash Bats and many more have been super receptive and more than willing to work with me on projects or give me permission to draw whatever I want to.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

My future goals would be to continue collaborating on guitars with Graffiti Garage Guitars, start up my custom online shirt shop through Rain Coast Digital, and continue working with bands to come up with twisted ideas.

I’d love to design some skateboard decks.

How would you describe your style?

My style has been described as tattoo type of stuff mixed with skateboard type designs.

What's next for you?

I’m just gonna continue doing what I’ve been doing and hopefully the momentum it’s picked up continues.

Anthony has illustrated a book "The Were Family of Wolftown (a children's book unsuitable for children,") as well as attracted the attention of the Swedish horror punk band "Left Hand Black" by designing a tee shirt for them.

His art is a perfect fit for the music scene and has been used on various guitars.

There is a buzz around Anthony's work that makes for interesting speculation on just how far he will go in the art world.

My bet is far, as he has the drive and determination required to push forward in the hard and strange art scene.

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