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Patrick Gavigan

With the voice of a rock and roll Michael Jackson and the ability to seamlessly integrate himself into any genre, Gavigan is truly a musician to take note of.

From Vancouver B.C. Gavigan has remained a busy musician be it session work or playing to the masses at festivals.

Watching Patrick perform either with his band, an R&B/ Pop group called “Best Night Ever,” or seeing him alone with his loop peddles and equipment in his home studio taking on each song as a new and powerful beast that only he alone can tame, you can’t help but marvel at the talent displayed.


Versatile, smooth, effortless and captivating, it doesn’t get much better than this guy.

When I say without genre I mean that this man can’t be pinned down into one lane, he’s all over the road, but instead of being a hazard he’s the only one on the street. A parade of songs coming from one float that makes every audience member excited and grateful to witness such a spectacle.


I was tipped off about Patrick Gavigan through my contact form from a member of his wide fan base and couldn’t be more grateful.

My first experience was scrolling through his FaceBook page where he posted a video of a three hour sole performance that showcases exactly what a Canadian musician is capable of.

Alone he conquered mountains like “Jane Says” by Janes Addiction, “Wicked Game” by Cris Isaak and a rendition of “Sober” by Tool that would make Maynard James Keenan himself admit Gavigan should own the song, he does it so well.


His raw talent is undeniable, inspiring and put to good use in the band “Best Night Ever.”

Finalists of the CBC Searchlight Regional competition and many more accolades, this band has been the west coast stars of popular music no matter how different or eclectic since 2013. They make hits plain and simple and showcase their improvisational skills during their live performances.


“Best Night Ever” contains four of Canada’s best musicians backing up the vocal powerhouse that is Gavigan. From several singles released in 2019 the song “Writing On The Wall” paints the most vivid picture lyrically and puts the best focus on the bands overall style. At the two minute mark Gavigan steps back, giving way to the guitar and keys until the bass and drums bring the song back into reality and back to Gavigan’s phenomenal vocal range.


Joining the band in late 2019, drummer Trent Otter has a style tighter than his snare and keeps the band inline along with bassist Justin Gorrie. Guitarist Alex Flock can bend styles like his strings while the flair of James Hummo’s commanding take on the keys add the final ingredient in the addictive concoction that is “Best Night Ever.”

Best Night Ever


Alex Flock - Guitar
Justin Gorrie - Bass
Trent Otter - Drums
Patrick Gavigan - Vocals

James Hummo - Keys


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