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Amy Goldberg

“My purpose and passion is to show you how to unlock your intuition. The secret? You already have it. It’s inside you.

I support you to unlock it, to rise to heights yet fully realized.

I am all about you living your best life.

Together, we reclaim your trusted truth.”

- Amy Goldberg

Like the ascending light of a modern Socrates, Amy Goldberg is here to fight the darkness in your life with you. Instead of focusing solely on her successful career producing some of your favourite movies, Amy has been dialed in on making a difference in the lives of strangers.

From Hamilton, Ontario, Amy Goldberg now lives in Toronto with her musician husband Tommy Grasley. She is rising up as one of Canada’s best growth strategists, international speakers and authors while elevating everyone she comes in contact with.

Her aim is to guide you through your own adversity and become the best you that you can think of.


Her credentials span longer than this article will end up being, besides I want this story to be about what Amy’s life is now and what lead her to where she is.

I want to know the key to success from someone who’s been there and done that.

I want to learn how to make a living following only my passions and share the answer with you.


I had the opportunity to speak with Amy over the phone and asked her some questions about life and motivation.


In your latest blog “Change from Fearful to Thinkful” from your company’s website, you write about mastering your thoughts and that the shift in mentality “starts by changing the narrative to replace being fearful with thinkful.”

What advice could you give readers with low self esteem who have trouble mastering their thoughts to pursue their goals?


The first thing to do would be to recognize that we are not our thoughts and that is a hard thing to master. Start by examining what is going on and why you feel this way. Sometimes we perceive something that is not true to be fact.

You need to get out of your own way and the only way to do that is with baby steps.

There is truth to what Susan David said, that “courage is fear walking.”


What can someone expect from a virtual coffee chat with you?


The virtual chat is a great starting point. I like to begin with getting to that one conversation that the person really wants to have, whether they are stuck professionally or struggling with depression, I try to get them to identify the heaviest feeling in their heart and start there.


You quote Napoleon Hill in your latest blog. Does his work have an influence on your life and work?


Well, yes and no. I like to take quotes and inspiration but from many informed sources. I don’t like to weigh heavily on the influence of one or the few.


With Intentions Media you helped develop the Kind Hearts app.

For our budding app developers do you have any advice on how to get from idea to finished product on the app store?


It’s actually a lot like producing a film I found. You need to raise money, get developers and the right team together. There are iterations and it gets quite expensive to develop a successful app, but the first big step would be to raise money.


Dead or alive, who do you look up to most?


That one is easy. My dad. He was a very smart but humble man who studied at MIT and made the Dean’s list multiple times. He helped build the first jet engine.


If you couldn’t choose your rock star husband TOMMYGUNN, who is your favourite band or musician?


Another easy one. I’m a Beatles fan plain and simple. I listened to the Beatles a lot in my youth and have always loved them. I heard a ton of Bob Dylan growing up as well, my older sister was a huge fan of his.


Have you always been a positive and constructive person or did it come from adversity?


I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Hamilton, Ontario. My mother was an artist and my father was an entrepreneur so the mix created a real constructive and creative upbringing.

I have a twin brother and growing up it didn’t matter what the question was, his answer was always “no” and mine was always “yes.”


Right now the world is very much locked down and isolated because of COVID19, which brings on negative feelings of anxiety and depression. What do you say to those who are feeling helpless and closed off right now?


I would say don’t be. We can come through this stronger.

Fortunately for us we live in a time where we are able to connect virtually. Yes we are of course closed off and isolated because of the pandemic going on however there are aspects to social media that we can take advantage of. For instance we had a birthday in the family a few days ago and everyone was able to celebrate online with Zoom. We have FaceTime and FaceBook and can use these platforms as tools to stay connected even when we are separated physically.

Meditation is an underestimated tool to use in these complicated times. Apps like Calm are a real good option to help you find mindfulness.


If our current world leaders were reading this what would you like to say to them in one sentence?


Stop escalating our fear.


Is there anything the average person can do to avoid a heavy financial impact from this pandemic?


Absolutely. I think a very important move to consider right now is how to pivot. Currently I’m moving more of my work online but there are many examples of how to adjust and tweak your approach to mitigate some of the impact. For instance a family member who is a makeup artist is brainstorming ideas right now about how to pivot, like moving to more of a subscription model and selling products. This is also the best time ever to collaborate and work together with a partner. Using this time effectively and creatively isn’t easy but it is something we should strive for.


You’re an international speaker, what do you say to the person too afraid to speak up at work or in their life?


I would tell them to speak their truth. Have a look inward as to what triggers you to shut down and not engage. That is a toxic way to live and very unhealthy causing anxiety and high stress levels. You need to examine why you don’t feel safe enough to speak up in order to begin contributing to your full potential.


How are you dealing with the COVID19 pandemic?


I’m moving more of my work online and organizing some teams for some very exciting new projects. I find myself to be in a very creative space right now and with running fitness classes I’m staying busy.

I think fitness is very important, there is an absolute correlation between a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Keeping our mental health in check has never been more important than it is right now and finding a path forward with constructive challenges will keep you focused on being your best. It isn’t second nature to know how to change your state of mind and escape negativity, instead we need to learn how.

People like Amy have a magnetic charm to them that rubs off on those fortunate enough to come in contact. To interact with positive and driven people is a very simple way to elevate your own state of mind and well being.

Achieving goals you set for yourself is an important aspect to keeping a healthy mindset, but what about those who don’t know where to start?

Fortunately Amy Goldberg is providing her expertise as a service to help you get on your path to success with

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