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Possible UFO Sighting

Updated: Feb 26

I am writing this at 1:52 am on Feb, 21, 2023, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


I may have just witnessed a possible UFO sighting, but I can't be sure.

I filmed 3 videos of the light to my west while it was there for approximately an hour.

I put the 3 videos together.


At around midnight I took my dog outside to the backyard for a pee.

I saw what I first thought was an airplane or possibly a star, but its movements were slight but noticeable and it changed colour back and forth, which is why I first thought it was an airplane.

I went inside and grabbed my phone and recorded the first video which is approx. 3 min total.

I used my Galaxy A3 smartphone. The video is poor quality and I recorded by hand (until getting a phone tripod for the second video.)

In each video, the lens begins to freeze which adds to the already poor quality. Filming the night sky from the city seems impossible on this phone.

I went back into my house for a small phone tripod that I own to film for longer, which I did (filming another 18 min.)

While I was still inside with my phone in my right hand and tripod in my left, my phone began opening apps and closing them, turning the lock screen off and on (for about 5 seconds) and then started an emergency SOS call to 911.

When I connected with the 911 operator I apologized profusely and almost mentioned that I thought aliens were affecting my phone.


After the 911 call, I filmed again with my phone on a tripod.

After 18 min, I retrieved my phone and went back inside. I was convinced it was a star and my phone was out of focus and has a very bad camera.

I went back outside a third time and filmed again for a minute.

After approximately an hour since first seeing it, I went back outside to look again and it was gone.

It wasn't a star. Maybe an airplane in the distance, or a drone with lights. What ever it was I am disappointed in the quality of video and that no aliens came to say hello.

If this was a UFO it should be classified as an Uninteresting Fuc#ing Oddity.

-UPDATE since filming. False alarm. It was the star Sirius and refracting light. The phone tripod must have pressed buttons for an emergency call. I couldn't have gone anywhere, so I must have just lost sight of it or it was blocked by cloud cover after an hour. Not aliens, just me being a crappy observer.-

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