Have you ever played "The Witcher?"

If not, don't worry, the game "Gwent" stands alone despite being from the Witcher universe. You don't even need experience with card games as the built-in tutorial does a phenomenal job laying out the rules in an easy to pick up manner.

This is my first experience with a magical card game.

I've seen "Magic the Gathering" played but have never jumped in for some strange reason, maybe turned off by the seemingly complex rules.

"Gwent," however, pushed me over the edge with interest and I'm glad I succumbed to this strategic games siren call.

The speed of matches is well thought out, as is the actual player matching, as you will do combat with players at your skill level to avoid being overwhelmed at the start of your journey to battle dominance.

The game is free with the option for in-app purchases.

I know that in-app purchases is an annoying turn off for people, but in this case, it actually works and is done well without being pushy or invasive, instead, the option to advance your decks is a welcome feature tucked away to be accessed at your convenience.

Spending money isn't necessary by any means, but it's nice having the option there to invest in the game if you want to.

The aesthetics of the tables are amazing and add an interesting and entertaining aspect to the game.

The thrill of competition exists from the minute you finish the tutorial and dive into the mercy waters of war pitting yourself against foe after foe until only one stands victorious.

Whether you're new to strategic card games or not, Gwent will hold a special place in your heart after only a few rounds. I highly recommend this game.

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