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Fiction Junkie Vol 1

Ten talented authors from both sides of the Canadian/ American border have filled the pages of this break out anthology series with their best work.

Take a journey into the minds of these incredible writers and come out the other side inspired, uplifted, or downright terrified.

There are ten stories plucked from all genres plus a bonus story from the editor included and is available in paperback or e book format.

Take a Number by Shannon May Craig

Devil’s Hollow by Christopher Wilson

The Finn Girl, or Woman by Richard Risemberg

Bend by Lindy Carter

The Pride of Star Street by Sean Donovan

A Brief History of an American Tory by Jean Lagacé

Bevelyn’s Day by Paul Finnigan

It Takes Two by Elizabeth Randall

The Greatest Plea Bargain of Them All by Gregg Chamberlain

Sideways by Karen Keeley


a bonus story from the editor

Have You Seen This Girl? by Daniel Hodgson

Use the above link outside of Canada

Use the above link inside of Canada

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