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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

From light pollution to a lack of knowing where to start, there are a lot of obstacles keeping our connection with the stars loose and forgotten.

I've lived in cities my whole life and didn't have a love of the outdoors until my twenties. Sure I spent every day as a kid out and about, but urban life is different than rural and when it got dark out in my neighborhood the street lights turned on. Farm kids on the other hand grew up with a different light in the sky when the sun went down and could see the splendor of space with the naked eye. Seeing stars from the city is almost misleading as they only dance and show their upmost brilliance to those willing to view the heavens from the dark.

What's the difference between stargazing from the city or anywhere else?

Rural areas have less light and air pollution allowing for ideal viewing conditions.

What is it about space that is so appealing to us?

Curiosity of the unknown.

Humans are amazing creatures with a history like no other species on this planet. Our intelligence and curiosity is unmatched, unrelenting and unwavering. Curiosity didn't kill the cat, thank God and here we are still full of wonder. Like early explorers christening their glorious ships and sailing into uncharted waters, we are just scratching the surface on space exploration.

The possibilities of space are as vast and ever expanding as existence itself.

Gear up!

Explore the galaxy with the right tools for the job.

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